Secret Physique Studio | Boston's South Shore Home for Barre & POUND Classes

Things you should know...


New to Secret Physique?

Intro Offers:

2 classes for $19

3 Weeks Unlimited $60

(You must purchase the 2 for1 first before you can have access to the 3 week option)

What to Expect For Your First Barre Class
Secret Physique® Barre welcomes all beginners, even those without prior barre-workout experience.  As classes fill quickly, reservations are highly recommended.

Please arrive 5 minutes before class, or at least 10 minutes before class starts to fill out your client waiver if you did not have time to do so online.

Please wear leggings covering the knees, and we require you wear socks the entire class.  We also have socks at the studio incase you forget a pair.  Socks must cover the toes, no open toe socks please.  You do not need to bring a yoga mat as we have special mats for barre class.


First POUND Class?  

Be prepared to unleash your inner rockstar!  Bring water and a pair of clean sneakers or you can go barefoot.  Wear anything you are comfortable in!


Refund Policy
All payments must be received prior to the start of class and no refunds will be given for amounts paid for classes. Class packages are non-transferable.

Attending class without paying: If you attend class without paying (walk in and skip past the desk) your credit card on file will be charged for that class.

Please note the studio is closed when classes are not in session. The instructors only arrive 20 minutes before each class.

 Pregnant Clients
If you are pregnant, please bring us a note from your doctor permitting you to exercise.

Childcare rules and regulations.

  • You must reserve online for childcare. No walk-ins allowed.

  • Reservations are mandatory at least one hour prior to class.

  • $3/child. If you are bringing more then 3 children please email us or purchase a single, plus a 3 kid option.

  • You may pre-pay for as many as you would like. They will expire after 1 year.

  • Your child must be at least 6 months of age.

  • There can only be 4 infants under the age of 1 year in the room at the same time.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the babysitting room.


All of our locations have parking lots. Quincy also has street parking when the lot is full.


Class Reservation Policies
It is required to book ahead by using our online reservation system.  Walk-ins are only allowed when absolutely necessary.  There is a MindBody App that is very easy to use to reserve and pre-pay for classes.   

ALL Reservations will be held up to the class start time. At class time, all open spaces will be given to clients on the waitlist or on standby for that class.  If you are running late or are unable to attend class, please contact your studio to avoid unnecessary charges or losing your spot.


Class Cancellation Policies
Given the intimate nature of our class sizes, we require a minimum 2 hours notice for the cancellation of a single class. Missed classes without the appropriate notice will be charged as if attended or subject to a $15 No Show/Late Cancel fee for clients on unlimited memberships or packages.


Waitlist Policy
If a desired class is full, we offer a waitlist option for up to 6 clients at a time. Clients who have been transferred from the waitlist into the class, will receive an automated email the minute this happens. Email notifications for waitlist transfers will send up to 30 minutes before class starts. If a client has been added to the class, they are considered as registered.

Please note that our Cancellation Policy does apply to waitlist reservations. Only if a client is still on the wait list (i.e. has not yet been transferred into the class) and cancels after the 2 hour cancel period, they will not be considered as a Late Cancel.

The option to cancel and/or monitor your spot on the wait list can be found in our Mindbody online reservation system via: My Info >> My Schedule >> Waitlist (blue link to the far right of screen).



Additional Policies 


Child Care

You acknowledge that, as the parent or legal guardian, you assume all risk of injury or harm to the child while the child is in the childcare room. You agree to fully release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge Secret Physique Studio LLC, its owners, staff, employees, and agents of and from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, and causes of action in respect of death, injury, loss, or damage to the child, or by the child, howsoever caused, arising out of or to arise by reason of or during the child’s participation in Secret Physique's childcare room.


Property Loss

Secret Physique Studio, LLC is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of any personal belongings. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assignees, or legal representative will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Secret Physique Studio LLC, including, but not limited to, its management and staff for property damage or loss.


Attendant Risks and Discomforts

There are inherent risks associated with barre work, cardio, strength training, and other forms of vigorous physical activity. Participation in fitness programs may result in acute muscle and/or joint pain, pulled muscles, brief changes in blood pressure, feelings of lightheadedness, dizziness, delayed onset muscle soreness, and conditions including, but not limited to, tendonitis and other discomforts. Participants can and should stop at any point during exercise if they are experiencing discomfort. It is Secret Physique's policy to call 911 immediately if a participant is observed to be in distress.


Responsibilities of the Participant

It is necessary to notify your physician of your participation in any exercise program, particularly if you are receiving ongoing care for a health condition. Adhere to any recommendations of the physician with regard to the choice and intensity of exercises you perform. You should not exercise when you are feeling sick or otherwise unwell. YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN Secret Physique's WORKOUT PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Rules and Regulations

You acknowledge that you have read and understand the Secret Physique's Rules and Regulations, found on the liability waiver


Pregnant Clients

All pregnant clients (recurring and new) must adhere to any recommendations provided by their physician in regards to the choice and intensity of exercises performed. Pregnant clients understand that it is their responsibility to only perform the exercises and workout routines as prescribed by their physician, and are participating in Secret Physique's workout program at their own risk. Pregnant clients must provide a note from their doctor to participate in any classes.




Still have a question? Feel free to email



Socks are required, no exceptions! No open toe socks.  Please wear leggings or Yoga type pants (covering the knees) while exercising.

Please do not bring glass or uncapped drinks into the exercise studios.

Cell phones must be on vibrate/silent.

Talking during class is a major distraction. Please refrain from chatting in between exercises as well.

Chewing gum in class is not allowed and is unsafe.

Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before class. If you are running late, please notify the studio to avoid losing your spot to a client on the waitlist. Experience clients will not be allowed into the class after the first 10 minutes of class.

If you need to leave early make it before the relaxation moment NOT during.

Please refrain from wearing perfume or heavily scented body products. Some clients are highly allergic and may experience nausea and migraines if exposed.