New Clients First Class: $19

*Includes a second class FREE (Use for any class at any location)


New Clients 3 Week Unlimited: $60

(Must be purchased within 30 days of first visit)




Single Drop-In:



10 Class Package:


(Expires in 1 year)


1 Month Unlimited:


(Best for 3+ visits/week)


(3 Month Commitment)


8 Class/Month: $120

Best for 2 visits/week

$15 drop in rate, for additional visits within the month


Month Unlimited: $180

Best for 3+ visits/week


Additional Info…

Student, Senior & Military 10% off all packages
**Must have valid/current Student ID Card.  Please email a copy of your valid Student ID (annually), or for seniors, drivers license (age 65+), to have the 10% off membership applied to your account for online purchases.  No discounts will be applied for prior purchases. For the the Auto Pays you must email to have it processed.

Bride to be/Pregnancy Special - $375 (3-Month Unlimited) 1x payment (Must purchase in studio)Can only be purchased if you are getting married or having a baby. The classes must be used within 4 months of the big day (wedding date/delivery date). You just have to promise to show us your gorgeous wedding photos & newborn photos afterward. Purchase in studio only. Not available online.

3 Month Auto-Pays can be found in our online store under "contracts". You will be charged one time a month for 3 consecutive months. It will NOT renew after the 3 months. You must purchase another contract at the end of the 3 months to reactivate Or, you can email to have it automatically renew every 3 months. (Seniors/Students need to email to purchase)

Referral Special: Bring in a friend and have them sign up for the New Client 3 weeks, and you can get a $40 credit on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I previously would buy the 20 or 30 class package, now what should I buy?

A. *If you were coming 8+/month you can now save and pay an average of $14 or less/class with the 3 Month Unlimited Auto Pay.

A. *If you were coming 5-8x/month you can now save and pay $15/class with the new 8 Visits/month 3 Month Auto Pay.

A. *You can still purchase a 10 class package and use it at your leisure over the year.     

Q. I attend class 1-2x/week every week, what should I purchase?

  1. 3 Month 8 Visits/month Auto Pay (Works out to be $15/class if you attend 2x/week)

Q. If you have the 8 visits/month option, and you want to go more than the 8x

     during that month? 

A. You can purchase a membership drop-in rate at $15/class, it will expire that day.  No bulk purchases.